The EXIT Formula

Truly Unique

We expose our agents to a plan to make over 100%, to build their own business with passive and residual income to create retirement security which is totally unique in real estate today. 

Imagine earning more than you are today with little to no more effort than you are doing today.

Imagine retiring from real estate with revenue continuing to come in.

Imagine securing your family's finances after you are gone. 

Imagine all of this without desk fees, franchise fees and production minimums. Full time agents (doing 8 or more ends or $40,000 in gross commissions per year) enjoy 10% residuals off of the agents they sponsor up to $10,000 per agent per year. Part-time/Retired agents (doing less than 8 ends or $40,000 gross commissions per year) enjoy 7% residuals and your beneficiary receives 5% of the sponsored agent's gross commissions every year. 

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EXIT Realty's 4 Minute Million

EXIT Realty's unique single level residual formula transforms agent earning.